A Note from Fr. Frank

A Milestone For St. Teresa's

For the first time, the number of people coming to Mass on the weekend surpassed 800!! Even though this was largely due to our First Holy Communion, we never had so many people on past First Communion Sunday’s. The liturgy was vibrant, joyful and memorable, which is the very point of this celebration. We want to create powerful and beautiful memories that are children can treasure, memories that can shape their unchartered futures.

Our SPRED Mass was equally beautiful and memorable, with two of our young people celebrating their First Holy Communion. This liturgy is one of our finest because of its simplicity and joy. The Psalm Response is literally a circle of love embracing the congregation with its haunting melody and graceful movement.
I want to thank all of our catechists in both programs and for Kate who guides children and adults in faith formation. One of St. Teresa’s greatest gifts is our various catechetical programs which enrich and form people of all ages.

I’m hoping to hire a Director of Evangelization and Ministry within the next few weeks. Several wonderful candidates have come forward and have been interviewed by a team from the parish. I will also be interviewing candidates for the Director of Operations, which will oversee the finances and facilities of the parish. As we approach the Feast of Pentecost, may the Holy Spirit guide our wonderful parish in new directions of evangelization and outreach.

Speaking of Pentecost, which is June 9th, we will have a celebration in honor of Rebecca O’Brien, who has made such a powerful impact on our parish. We will have a celebration after the 9:00 am Mass. Please come and wish her well as she moves into a new home and starts a new job... at the same time!!!! If anyone can do it, it’s Rebecca.

Fr. Frank