A Thank You Note From Fr. Frank

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful celebration last Saturday  for my 36th anniversary to the priesthood. People like Charisse and Jennifer worked  behind  the scenes gathering all the food made by so many parishioners and preparing some of their own dishes. It was just so good to see so many people having a good time,  catching up and laughing. Special thanks to Jack for organizing the celebration and for his tireless energy and positive spirit.

This  winter has  certainly been easy so far; and spring is fast approaching. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26th. A group of dedicated parishioners will be witnessing and evangelizing by distributing ashes at the EL and on the streets. Maybe one of the news outlets will be there to show our parish in action.

I encourage all parishioners to engage in some form of penance that will give a focus to the purpose and meaning of Lent: to renew and reinvigorate our Baptism, allowing the living waters of the Spirit to flow freely within the heart.

A great Lenten penance is to give up some time by going to a daily Mass once a week or praying for a half an hour at Adoration. I encourage everyone to develop a discipline of daily prayer that will carry one throughout the year. Without personal prayer apart from the Liturgy, we can’t get to know the Lord nor experience the depth His love. It takes time, each and every day, and trust that God is present, especially when we don’t “feel” that presence.

Giving up food, candy, alcohol, whatever, might be good if the experience leads you to keep turning to the Lord.... if it strengthens your life as a baptized disciple of Christ. If Easter arrives and you go back to the same behavior before Lent, what is the point? The purpose of Lent is conversion, a change of focus that lasts well beyond Easter.

We have daily Mass at 7:30am Monday thru Thursday and  a Communion service on Friday at 7:30am. 
Adoration is each Tuesday from 6:00pm until 7:30pm.

I am inviting all to a presentation by a man named Joshua who spent a number of years incarcerated. His experience proved to be one of conversion to a new way of seeing God, faith and life. This evening will be an opportunity to hear his story and engage in conversation.
Come after the 6:00 pm mass on Sunday, March 15th.

In the meantime, it’s Mardi Gras!!! Enjoy.