Letter From Fr. Frank Regarding the Coronavirus

I just received a directive from the archdiocese regarding how to respond to the Coronavirus epidemic. As of this weekend, March 7/8:

- The distribution of Communion with the consecrated wine (the Cup) will be discontinued at all masses, daily and weekend. 
- Try and avoid physical contact during      handshake of peace.
- Discontinue using Holy Water in the little fonts at the entrance to the church. The water in the large baptismal font will remain which is filtered. This would be a great opportunity to begin blessing ourselves at the font when entering and leaving the church on a regular basis.
- We will have hand sanitizer for ministers of the Host on the credence table. (the table behind the pulpit/ambo)
- Please refrain from receiving Holy Communion on the tongue.

These are common sense ways of responding to this health crisis, which will hopefully help it from spreading.

Let us pray for the good health of all, especially those whose health is compromised in any way. The virus most effects the elderly with pre-existing health issues and the very young. Please stay at home if you have any flulike symptoms, which includes coming to Mass, to avoid spreading any germs and to get the rest you deserve.

Peace. Fr. Frank