Mom's Group

Who We Are

We are a group of moms that attend St. Teresa on the weekends and want to continue see each other during the week. We get together once a week and am flexible to time and place. In the winter months, we usually meet at church to do a craft activity and have play time. When God blesses us with beautiful weather, we meet at the park, zoo, or any other place that provides fun for our little ones. We are very welcoming and encourage moms to bring their friends that don't attend St. Teresa.

Why You Should Get Involved

As Father Frank has said, we have many families in our life, some biological, some that we form out of love for each other. If you have children and would like to join our mommy family that loves to nurture our children with friendship and faith, our arms are open!

More Info

Find the 'St. T's Tot Spot' group on Facebook to be added for meeting updates.


Kelsey DeWitte