Novena for Clergy Sex Abuse

Our Vicar, Bishop Bartosic, is calling all Catholics in Vicariate II to pray for the victims of clergy sexual abuse. A series on NINE MASSES, called a “novena” are being celebrated in nine different churches throughout the vicariate for nine consecutive days. The tradition of the Novena goes back to the acts of the Apostles when the Apostles were waiting and praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Their wait was NINE days, hence the NOVENA.

I strongly encourage the parishioners of St. Teresa of Avila to try to attend as many of the masses in this Novena as possible, a prayerful and creative way to reach out to those who have been betrayed in so horrible a manner. The following is a list of those parishes which will be hosting these Eucharistic celebrations:

Saturday,    9/21- Our Lady of Ransom. 8300N.Greenwood, Niles
Sunday,       9/22 – Queen of Angels. 2330 W. Sunnyside, Chicago
Monday,     9/23--St.Mary.1012 Lake Street, Evanston
Tuesday,     9/24 –St. Cornelius.5430 W. Foster, Chicago
Wednesday 9/25- St. Clement. 642 Deming Place, Chicago
Thursday.    9/26—St.Gertrude. 6200 N. Glenwood, Chicago
Friday.         9/27—St. Catherine Laboure 3535 Thornwood. Glenview
Saturday.    9/28—St. Gregory the Great. 5545 N. Paulina, Chicago
Sunday.       9/29—St. Mary of the Lake 4200 N. Sheridan, Chicago.

-- Fr. Frank