Promoting Peace in Chicago

Wednesday, June 5th, 6:30-8pm

Summer in Chicago is a mixed bag:  Long awaited outdoor activities blessed with the warmth of the sun but at the same time we see a devastating spike in deadly gun violence.  You are invited to an event at St. Teresa's to learn about how a network of organizations is coming together to fight gun violence in the most dangerous neighborhoods of our city.   
David Snyder, COO of Chicago CRED, will be sharing details of a program being undertaken to reduce the tragic level of violence in Chicago this summer.  Chicago CRED is an organization led by Arne Duncan, former head of CPS and US Secretary of Education.  They are working with other groups to implement a holistic approach in some of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods.   With solid data to back up their work they are implementing proven solutions.  Public funding for this effort is woefully inadequate so a group of private funders is supporting the program.  David will make an appeal for us to join the effort.  With the support of citizens like us they will be able to expand the number of neighborhoods that can benefit.  
The event is June 5, reception at 6:30 and program at 7 pm.  Please join us and be part of the solution.


Nancy VanGrinsven