Racial Justice Book Group

One of the first courses I took at Loyola University Chicago was “introduction to Peace Studies.” A core tenant of the course was “the world has so many injustices that if you try to look at all of them you will go mad. So pick one issue and dive deep into it.” In a similar way, our nation is being roiled by so many interconnected injustices that it is hard to know where to even start. As a parish, one way to start is to have critical discussions about the original sin of America; racism.

We will be hosting discussion groups of Bryan Massengale’s book Racial Justice and the Catholic Church. Fr. Massengale is an international expert on racial issues in the Catholic church and these discussions will be a meaningful first step to address racism in our nation and our church. These discussions will be conducted over zoom. To register for a reading group, please click the below button and fill out this form by this wednesday June 10th. If you need assistance acquiring the book, please contact me (mneuhengen@teresa.church) or Fr. Frank (frfrankjohn@aol.com). I look forward to having critical discussions about this very important issue.

Thank you,
Mark Neuhengen
Director of Mission at St. Teresa of Avila