We're Open Again!

Well, we finally made it!! As of this weekend.

  • All limitations in regards to church capacity are lifted.

  • No more signing up for masses

  • All  liturgical and sacramental celebrations can return to normal practice.

  • Holy Water fonts can be filled and Baptisms can be celebrated at the Font!!

  • Hand shake of Peace restored, while respecting those who do not wish physical contact

  • Some form of social distancing encouraged, meaning don’t get too close or hover

  • Masks not required but encouraged for those who aren’t vaccinated. Some parishioners may choose to continue to wear masks. The choice of each parishioner in regards to whether or not a mask is worn must be respected by all.

  • Proof of vaccination not required.

  • All congregational singing, choirs, oral responses, use of worship aids, envelopes and bulletins may fully be restored

  • Reception of Holy Communion: on the tongue can be resumed, no longer need to sanitize hands before reception on the hand and Eucharistic ministers and priest need to continue to sanitize hands once before distribution

  • All social gatherings and hospitality can resume

Parishioners still need to report if they become COVID positive, if they have attended a Mass or liturgy within three days of diagnosis. Each parish will then post on website the date and time of the mass or liturgy,  alerting parishioners who were also in attendance that they should monitor themselves.

I want to thank all parishioners for making this situation stemming from the pandemic one of peace and  unity. Not one parishioner expressed any issues with the restrictions. Everyone was cooperative and understanding during these difficult months. I want to thank  all the volunteers who gave up much of their time to help check in parishioners before Mass and every liturgical celebration, sanitizing hands before entering church and before each person received the Eucharist, escorting people in and out of the church  and the sanitizing of the church after every celebration.

I want to offer a special Thank  You to Barb McHugh for organizing the entire team of volunteers ensuring a safe environment, observing all restrictions. She attended every mass and liturgical celebration, including weekday liturgical events, funerals, weddings and baptisms. Her service to our parish during this difficult time was amazing. A public acknowledgment and thank you will be forthcoming.

Looking forward to getting back to a “new normal,” allowing  and relationships and friendships to be strengthened in person. Most importantly, it will be a joy to gathering together at the Eucharist as a community of faith. The 10:00 will continue to be live streamed for those who can’t return to in person attendance due to health considerations. Live streaming has been invaluable in connecting us with households around the country and beyond. Also, it provides a beautiful connection for those who must travel.

As of now, our schedule will be 10:00 am live streamed and the 6:00pm mass. If any other masses will be resumed, parishioners will be notified. The daily Mass will be on Wednesday at 8:00. Parishioners who are interested in daily Mass are encouraged to attend the 8:00 mass at a neighboring parish. The schedule will be posted on website and in bulletin.