Thank You From Fr. Frank

Last weekend, our French Community hosted the annual Cuisine de Coure. They worked tirelessly for weeks preparing, gathering, chopping, slicing, boiling, cooking and baking a fantastic banquet rooted in French cuisine. It was a beautiful event that brought together over 300 people, each leaving the meal joyful and clearly not hungry!!!  A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to every member for creating yet another experience to be cherished and remembered. These yearly celebrations have become a part of the cultural fabric of our parish life that helps to make our community vibrant and creative.

We continue to be vigilant in how we respond to the Coronavirus, communicating the importance of common-sense hygienic practices to keep the virus from beginning/spreading. Parishioners have been very receptive in embracing the liturgical changes in practice: limiting hand to hand contact, Communion on the hand, not sharing the cup, etc. If you are ill or have any existing health issues, please refrain from participation g in large gatherings of people, and this would include Mass. People, especially the elderly, have to be very cautious to protect their own health and well-being.

I think it is best if we drain the baptismal font, even though the water is not stagnant and circulates. The many human hands being dipped in the water might be taking a chance we shouldn’t take. The virus could be spread given all the germs exchanged in the ritual blessing using hands not sanitized. Better to be cautious.

We are nearing the midpoint of Lent, and I want to invite ALL parishioners and friends to our Holy Week Celebrations: Holy Thursday at 7:00P.M. with Adoration of the Eucharist to follow; Good Friday Living Stations at 3:00P.M. and the Solemn Celebration of the Lord’s Passion and Veneration of the Cross with Holy Communion at 7:00P.M.; Easter Vigil at 8:00-P.M. with  the Blessing of  the Fire, Reception of Candidates into Full Communion with the Catholic Church, Confirmation and Holy Communion;  Easter Sunday: 9:00A.M. and NOON.

Please make every effort to come since the more people we have at these Liturgies, the more powerful they become.  The Triduum, the sacred three days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil/Easter Sunday are the most important Liturgies in the church year. PLEASE COME. WE NEED YOU PRESENT!

St. Teresa's Response to the Coronavirus