Time of Your Life Gala

The Time of Your Life Gala is our single largest fundraiser of the year and tasked with raising a minimum of $150,000 to support our parish and outreach programs. The event is a fundraiser, but also a celebration of what we have achieved in the past year. The evening creates an environment where friendships can form, and people can connect with the mission of our parish.

Why You Should Get Involved

Volunteering in fundraising is a very special and meaningful way to share your talents. Not everyone has the skills to solicit donations, plan events, market the event, or sell tickets. This is one way volunteers can use their professional talents to give back in service, or even develop relevant work experience. The committee is social by nature and attracts a fun group of people who gather at meetings to plan a great party and energetic fundraiser.

Ways to Get Involved

Volunteers are asked work within the following areas: Live & Silent Auction, Ticket Sales, Marketing, Volunteer Coordinator, Registration, Entertainment, Raffle, Food & Beverage, Games, Video/Paddle Raise, Sponsorship, Technical Support. All committee members are asked to help procure auction items and to invite guests to the event.


Rebecca O'Brien


773-528-6650, ext. 234