A Letter From Fr. Frank

Greetings to all parishioners!! I’m writing in good spirits learning much about the whole process of letting go and grieving the loss of a great friend. Bring a public minister sometimes means not dealing with deeply felt emotions, so that one can be available to care for the needs of the people. As we all grow older, saying goodbye becomes just a part of life. I’m realizing the need to create new relationships and friendships so that my “family” will develop in new and enriching ways. My biological family is extremely small and continues to get smaller with the passage of time. This is an opportunity to be open to new pathways, creating new life and love.

I’m doing very well in so many ways. I appreciate all your prayers and support, as I pray for you each and every day. I can’t wait to return in early September.

Given all the wonderful volunteers and lay leaders, plus the phenomenal weekend priest presiders, the parish, I know, is doing quite well.

I truly can’t wait to return. It’s coming.

Fr. Frank