A Letter From Fr. Frank

Grieving comes in so many expressions emerging from changes in one’s life. We grieve when we experience any kind of loss: the death of a loved one, the end of a job or career, retirement, divorce or the end of any relationship, loss of good health, our youth, a move to a new area. All these situations can cause sadness and stress because the all involve “letting go.”

The process of grieving is unique to each person and needs to be worked through at a pace appropriate to each person’s situation. But the key to grieving is acknowledgment, acceptance, allowing emotions and thoughts regarding the loss to be expressed, working through denial that leads to depression. This experience is not an easy one but when you allow yourself to be engaged with others facing a loss, the experience becomes one of sharing. You are not alone.

Lent, the season of transformation, would be a beautiful time to connect with your inner feelings of loss and sadness. And when you are ready, might be the time for you to connect with others , creating a community of support. If this might be helpful to you, let me know through my email. St. Teresa’s has a parishioner who has much experience working with the grieving process. She has gifts that would make the experience one of compassion and care.