Celebrating the Baptism of a child is a very special time in a family’s life! There is much joy and anticipation. The church celebrates with you for this important sacrament.

Please call Charisse at the Parish Office (773) 528-6650 or email  to schedule preparation sessions, baptisms, or if you have any additional questions.

Attending Baptism Preparation

First-time parents are required to attend a Baptism preparation. This session, required by Church law, provides catechetical instruction and prepares everyone for their role in the development of the faith of the child, as well as practical information on the actual Baptism ceremony. Godparents are not required by our parish to attend this session, but are more than welcome.  If you are going to be a godparent elsewhere and need to attend, you are welcome to these sessions.

Choosing the Godparents 

Most people select a godmother and godfather, although the Church says that one is sufficient. If only one godparent is chosen, however, he or she  must  be a practicing Catholic, in full communion with the Church.  If two godparents are chosen, it is preferable that both godparents be practicing Catholics since godparents are witnesses to the Catholic faith.  The second godparent may be a baptized Christian of another denomination, one that baptizes “in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit.” In the case of two godparents, it is preferred that one be male and the other female.

Arrival Time 

Please arrive 15 minutes before the Baptism, or in the case of a Baptism during a Mass, 15 minutes before mass time. The baby should already be dressed in a white gown.

Baptism Certificate 

The certificate will be given to the parents at the Baptism. If for some reason it is not yet available, it will be sent to you in the mail.


Generally families offer a donation for Baptisms. This donation, however, is in no way required by any family. Families should feel comfortable with any amount donated.


Charisse Gioia

773-528-6650 ext. 230