All parishioners, neighboring parishes, and ministry organizations are welcome to submit items for the St. Teresa's bulletin.


  • Submission does not guarantee that your announcement will be in the bulletin. We cannot guarantee space and/or date availability.
  • Submissions are due on Mondays by 8pm in order to be in the following Sunday's bulletin. You may submit it after, but there are no guarantees we can fit in.
  • Submit bulletin announcements to bulletin@teresa.church.

Submission Format

  • We can never guarantee space for a full page announcement, regardless of submission date. There is only one full page available and it is often already allocated. (You are welcome to request, but there are no guarantees.)
  • We prefer text announcements over flyers/pictures. If you must use a flyer/picture, please have it be readable at one of the following sizes:
    • Half page horizontal - 7" x 5"
    • Half page vertical - 4" x 10"
    • Quarter page vertical - 4" x 5".
  • You are most likely to get the space you request with smaller announcements.
  • Please be sure to include:
    • A Title
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
    • *Brief* Explanation