Care for Creation Ministry

Our Mission

Our mission, an authentic social and moral commitment, is to educate and inspire our parish to accept the health of the planet and all creation as a personal and communal responsibility, thereby instilling a desire to make choices that result in actions for the stewardship of God’s creation.

This committee was founded by Father Frank and inspired by Pope Francis’ Laudato Si encyclical with a mission to educate and inspire our parish to accept the health of the planet as a personal and communal responsibility.

As our events, efforts and meetings will be ongoing we welcome and encourage any and all volunteers. Please join us for a meeting! Contact Mark Neuhengen at for more information.


Parish Goals

  • Something the church does which is an activity or new initiative that promotes other parishioners to get involved. This should be something that not only requires outreach and participation but also requires involvement beyond our committee. 

  • 2022-Eliminate Polystyrene

  • Parish Events

Pumpkin Composting Results

Pickup Our Planet Results

Parishioner Goal:

  • Something that is a major initial change and only requires minimal service throughout the year in each household

  • 2022 - Eliminate Polystyrene

  • Parishioner Spotlights

January 2022

September 2022

Educational Goals:

  • Something that promotes not just awareness but also is a knowledge transfer to our fellow parishioners. 

  • 2022 - Eliminate Polystyrene

Educational Flyers