Saturday, June 06, 2020

Saturday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

“It won’t make a difference.” How often have we said those words to ourselves, or out loud, when we think our particular response to a situation won’t make a difference. And so we refrain from getting involved or doing anything to contribute to the cause, event or activity. Sometimes we use this “it won’t make a difference” excuse as a way of not getting involved because we really are not interested to begin with. But in other instances, we really believe, deep down, that our “small efforts” won’t help or make any difference.

In walks our widow from the gospel, wanting to make her meager contribution of a few cents, surrounded by the powerful and wealthy donors. Their heavy coins make a huge clashing sound...the sound of arrogance and self preoccupation. “Look at me,” is what they are after. Adulation and recognition from the powerful is the name of the game.

But one person in that cast of characters is not taking their bait. Yes, Jesus, is there watching and listening for the oh so tiny found of the widow’s “mite,” her few pennies of offering. He notices and hears her donation over and above the huge offerings of the pompous ones, wanting to make their importance felt. They wear their distinctive clothes and sit in places of honor and importance because they want to be honored and noticed.

But Jesus honors and notices the widow and her abundant offering of the heart. She made a difference, a huge difference, since her example has been recorded and expressed for over two thousand years. She, though unnamed, is beloved by all.

Whatever you have to offer- the cause, the situation needing volunteers, the collection basket, the food pantry- makes a difference. In the current moment of social unrest, there are as many responses as there are people. Some people want to protest or organize groups to enact change. Others are more comfortable with less visible expressions that may be prayer, researching the problem, small group discussion.

Who are we to judge how another responds.

Jesus sees what lies within our hearts. He saw the beauty of self sacrifice in that “lowly widow.” He sees what lies in your heart and that is all that should matter. Whatever or however you respond to a situation will be noticed by the most important person, Christ.

Fr. Frank