Monday, August 03, 2020

Monday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

When we keep our “eyes” focused on God, we always end up feeling safe and cared for. The eyes of our faith help us to “gaze” at a God whose “gaze” at us is nothing but loving. God is always gazing at us...within us..... through us. God will never leave us out of his sight. Never.

But we falter, turn our “gaze” away from God into our own self preoccupation. Here’s where the disconnect begins, when we no longer are focusing our lives on God but have placed this God on the back burner. Perhaps, we have actually removed him from the stove completely!!

We are just fine when all seems to be going well, when we feel secure and in charge of life. How self assured we can become, until something happens that reminds us how fragile life is, and how fragile we are. So quickly we can feel as though we can “walk on water,” as Peter did in the gospel. And he was doing just fine gazing at Christ who was gazing at him. As they looked at each other, the waves and the winds could never overwhelm. It’s when Peter failed to look into Christ’s eyes, and began to gaze at the powerful waves lapping at his feet that he began to sink.

When we fail to keep our eyes on God, all is well, or so it seems, until the emotional turmoils of the heart begin to disrupt our inner equilibrium. The security and strength we felt can disappear in less than a heart beat and we flounder, “sink” into fear and turmoil. It’s the human condition called “original sin,” the desire to want to go at life on our own as little “gods” controlling our destiny. It just won’t work that way because it can’t work that way. It’s not how we were created by the God who just won’t let go of us.... the God who keeps believing in us (is God a bit crazy)... a God who always “lifts” us up from the turbulent waves of life and into safe shores.

Keep your gaze on Christ, who NEVER stops gazing at you, and you will be just fine.

Fr. Frank