Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

We don’t hear much about Angels these days but their existence is clearly believed and taught by church and scripture. Today we celebrate the three “biggies”: Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, each called “archangels” to highlight their importance. The name “Michael” means one we hi us like God in power; Gabriel means the strength of God; Raphael means God’s healing.

A beautiful symbol of Angels is “wings” that speak to their role as beings who hover over us, unseen, of course, but they are lifted up by wings of Spirit. How absolutely beautiful!!! 28 years ago today, I had a major surgery that would alter my life forever. The day of this surgery, a friend of mine, a poet and writer, wrote me a poem about these ever present spirits sent by God with messages to meet the moment. The words of this poem spoke of the Angels surrounding me with love and healing. These Angels would guide the work of doctors and nurses on their gifts of healing.

This poem, its words, reminded me of how much God is present in so many ways, but his presence is made known through the people who enter our lives for a purpose. Human beings are NOT angels, only angels are angels: spiritual beings with no bodies.

The angels surround you with their presence to comfort, ease fear, remind you of God's presence, inspire and encourage. That’s their purpose, to connect us with the divine energy that transforms our lives. They lift us up in hope and surrendered love, sometimes they speak words of wisdom. They purpose and ministry is always to remind us that our lives have purpose and meaning.

As I was wheeled into surgery, those angels riding on the breath of the spirit, surrounded me and my caregivers. They hovered over my parents in the waiting room, sharing their deep worry, they followed me persistently afterwards into a new life with new challenges. The same is true for you.

Fr. Frank