Saturday, December 05, 2020

Saturday of the First Week of Advent

What a joy it is to watch people volunteering, giving of their time, to help people in need. We have so many committed “laborers” in the community, building the Kingdom slowly and unnoticed. We have a number of leaders who have taken on the responsibility of making sure the various ministries remain strong and viable with the importance of calling new people into the ministry.

Jesus says that the harvest is plentiful but laborers are few. The “laborers” are the many volunteers who are deeply committed to living out their baptism by GIVING their time and energy. Baptism summons ALL throes who are baptized to be a laborer in the community building the Kingdom through praise, worship, outreach and works of justice.... all rooted in Christ and in the gift of the Eucharist.

This time of Advent, as we wait patiently for the coming of the Lord, we are called by the Lord to “roll up our sleeves” and become a “laborer” within the community if we aren’t already. What could you be doing to get more involved in witnessing to your love of Christ? What gifts is God calling you to share with His people?

The HARVEST is all of humanity. ALL of God’s people. Most are lonely, disconnected, living with little purpose. Our parish is always being challenged to not become focused on the internal life of the community but to look OUTWARD and into the world. Christ wants us to LABOR to reach those who have not been reached and not focus on those who have. We are being called to find the lost sheep and they are all around us... waiting for us to take the first step.

Fr. Frank