Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

We are about to close the door on the year 2020, and for many, this will be welcome indeed. The word “january” means “door to new beginnings,” so the month of January signifies the opening of a new door, a new year, pointing to new directions. What has come to define 2020 is the pandemic of COVID-19, a virus that knows no boundaries and is not specific to any one culture, race or religion. We ALL are vulnerable!!!

As the door to this fateful year is closed, what might be a new beginning, an open door, for all of humanity? What might be an open door, a new beginning, for you as an individual? How the various vaccines are distributed will speak volumes as to whether or not the new year will open a door of equity and justice as to who gets a vaccine and when. Will the most neglected and invisible people in the human family be placed in the front of the line?

Will 2021 create new beginnings in building a world of peace rooted in justice, by further exposing the evil of racism that plagues us? Will we begin to see how our economy deeply affects people around the world, especially the poor in vulnerable nations? Might this be the year to end anything that divides family or friendship? Maybe 2021 will be the year to open the door to marriage or the birth/ adoption of a child. Maybe an individual can finally begin a life of sobriety, slowly being freed from the pain of addiction.

Endings and beginnings. May 2021 be the moment when you open the door to praying more or deepening your ways of praying. Prayer is the means of closing doors of pessimism, self absorption, undisciplined living, while opening doors leading to hope, compassion, loving neighbor and selflessness. However you see this time of new beginnings, bring JOY into a world that so desperately needs joy, but NEVER be the one who takes away another person’s joy.

Fr. Frank