Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday of the Second Week of Easter

I was jogging a few days ago in a fitness center and decided I would do what I usually do on the treadmill: I prayed the rosary. When I’m in public, I don’t use the actual rosary but my fingers to count the Hail Mary’s. It’s quite convenient: ten fingers, ten Hail Mary’s, one complete decade. This time I felt inspired to use the actual rosary beads which clearly shows I’m praying and I’m Catholic.

I was ok when alone until another person walked in and started his own jogging on the treadmill right near mine. I felt awkward and self conscious because I was giving witness to prayer in an unlikely place. Several others walked in the rather small fitness center and I was barely halfway through the rosary.

It’s not easy giving witness, publicly, to faith in a very secular culture. Peter and John witnessed to their faith in Jesus simply by speaking His name, telling people the person who was behind their actions. But they did so BOLDLY!!! No ambiguity. Facing rejection and mockery, even imprisonment. They didn’t react angrily or harshly to those who wanted them to just keep their mouths shut, but with firm conviction.
I wasn’t saying one word; simply praying the rosary in a public way, and feeling timid. I wish I could be more BOLD in expressing my faith...

Fr. Frank