Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter

How do we “hear” the voice of Christ, the Good Shepherd? In my naive moments, I want to physically hear the voice of Jesus. How naive can one get!!! It just doesn’t “work” that way, for God “speaks” to us using the “voice” of the Bible, the songs/hymns at Mass, the entire Eucharist, the words of the preacher, the words of parishioners, even the announcements after Communion. Yes, God’s voice might be heard through those announcements!!!

God’s voice can be heard in the people we encounter daily, the stranger, the city-workers, those who serve us, our closest friends and family members, neighbors. God “speaks” to us through novels, poetry, drama, Netflix, movies, newspapers.... if only we REFLECT upon what we read and hear and listen to. Without REFLECTION and PRAYER, we will never hear God’s Voice.

Jesus is pleading with us, “Open your ears that you may hear.”

Fr. Frank