Thursday, May 06, 2021

Thursday of the Fifth Week of Easter

We all want to have comfortable and inviting homes to live in, environments that reflect our personalities. When you buy a home or rent an apartment, you want to “make it your own.” Jesus wants us to see him like a home that we dwell in. Jesus wants us to live IN Him, to “abide” continuously in Him, to let Him create within our hearts a worthy “place” for Him to live.

Does Jesus “live” in you, truly live IN you? Not in your belief but in your experience. Very different realities. We can “believe” that Jesus dwells inside the home of our hearts but have no “experience” of His presence.

We evict Jesus from living within us and making our hearts into his home when we don’t love as He loves; when we are judgmental about everything; when we gossip and criticize; when we gripe about so much; idolizing our comforts, our possessions, our alcohol, our food; by seeing the world through only one political party or economic perspective.

Christ dwells within when our hearts expand, become selfless, incorporate different attitudes, and welcome those who are fleeing horrible life situations. Or at least encourage our country to do so.
A question that haunts me: am I a disciple of Jesus but have made my heart a place that He just can’t make His home?

Fr. Frank