Monday, May 24, 2021

Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church

Do you have a special relationship with Mary, the Mother of Christ? I was raised to have a deep relationship with Mary as my spiritual Mother. My parents taught me to pray to Mary and light candles near her shrine in our parish church. My love of Mary grew as I grew in faith. She is Mother of every human being, no matter what they believe. because her Son gave her to us as He hung upon the Cross. Christ entrusted Mary to His beloved disciple John, saying to him, “Behold your mother.” And to Mary His mother he said, “Behold your son.” How utterly beautiful, giving the human family such an awesome gift: His mother.

Mary is the one, our spiritual mother, who guides us on our journeys, walking with us, sometimes leading us, to her beloved Son. She is the only human being to give Jesus His DNA, which unites us all together. The Incarnation of Christ makes our humanity Holy and loved. We are part of one family, behind the strictures of biology. We are part of a new family, a Holy Family, brothers and sisters to each other, no matter the culture, language or religion.

Mary has been a constant source of strength during this pandemic, a virus that reminded us how connected we all are. Mary reminds us that what truly connected us is Love, the love of sacrifice, the love of Christ breathing His last words entrusting Mary to us, the love that unites and builds up the family of humanity.

Thank you Mary. Pray for us, Mother of the Poor, the Refugee, the Lonely, the Sick, the Forgotten.

Fr. Frank