Thursday, June 10, 2021

Thursday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

Jesus teaches us that holiness means much more than observing the commandments. The vast majority of people reading this have no problem following the 10 Commandments: most will never murder, steal, commit adultery, refuse to honor parents, covert or look to another “god.” But Jesus makes it very clear: this is far from being truly “holy.”

Jesus teaches in his most famous Sermon, as the new Moses, teaching on the Mount of the Beatitudes, that we must go deeper, looking at the root of all evil. Every murder begins with anger or resentment; every act of adultery begins with lust. ALL of us have the beginnings of sin, deep within our hearts and Jesus makes it clear that we have to search our hearts and root out the causes of breaking the commandments.

What anger, attachment, lust, desire, addiction do you need to acknowledge and release, let go of?

Fr. Frank