Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

How uncomfortable am I because of my faith in Christ? Have I experienced rejection or insult because I try to follow Jesus and his teaching? Do I experience in my sufferings the sufferings of Christ in his Passion and horrible death? These are tough questions on this Feast of Peter and Paul.

We live in a culture of comforts, instant gratification, the luxury to quarantine for nearly a year, decent health care, lots of food choice.... if you are part of a privileged background. I certainly am, so how do I answer the above questions that get to the heart of being a disciple?

If I’m going to be authentic in my discipleship, I’m going to have to make choices that will challenge my perspective on so many things. If I allow this reorientation of perspective to evolve through gospel perspective, I’m going to lose friends, perhaps change jobs, live very differently, not rationalize my privileged position and refuse to be lulled into entitlement.

The call to conversion is a constant call that quietly nudges and disturbs our conscience, the voice of Christ.

Fr. Frank