Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Saints Peter and Paul

As I preached at today's Mass, St's. Peter and Paul represent the need for balance in how we live out our lives as disciples of Jesus. Paul was challenging Peter about the insistence that all followers in Jesus, Jewish and Gentile, follow Jewish dietary regulations. Paul clearly tell Peter that the Church can't demand that Gentile converts to the faith follow these restrictions. Peter ended up agreeing.

Paul has become a symbol of the freedom of the Spirit to forge new pathways in the world, to be creative and innovative in how we teach and preach the Catholic faith. New cultures demand new expressions.  Peter has become a symbol of being anchored in the truths and teachings that form the rock, solid foundation of our faith. The name "Peter" means rock!!

We need to be rooted and anchored in our faith and it's beautiful teachings but we need to be free to follow the inspiration of the Spirit that moves our lives in new and creative pathways. Change is necessary and transformative, as long as it is rooted and grounded in faith that emerges from Christ and his , Christ  chosen apostles.