Tuesday, November 22, 2022

God's Presence

Walking, the wind at my back and in my face, swept a massive bank of must like clouds. This “mist” enveloped the tops of towering trees, eventually they were lost to sight. I knew most definitely that they were there, behind and immersed, in the vast army of clouds. But the wind swiftly glided by and the trees emerged from mystery. A sight to behold.

God’s presence is so much like that experience of wind and fast moving clouds. Oftentimes, we lose sight of God in the clouds of fear and self doubt; the beautiful memories, buried deep within us in the mist of ego. But the wind of the Spirit will sweep away these clouds and mist. An awakening occurs….and we “see” God in and through the “Son”, His light connecting us to all of Creation.

The clouds and mist  always return, because God isn’t done with us just yet. He wants to keep stretching our trust, increasing our heart’s capacity to love.

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