Friday, March 03, 2023

From Fr. Frank

The word “radical” means “the root”. To be”radical” means getting at the “root” of the cause, problem or issue at hand. Jesus is calling us to get to the “root“ of our sinful actions, not just to follow the law. We can follow the law by not committing murder or not committing adultery but if deep within our hearts we harbor anger or lust, we aren’t “getting to the root.”

To be a follower of Jesus means “getting  “to the root” of our difficult and painful thoughts and emotions. The action that is wrong is “rooted” within our heart. Jesus wants our holiness to surpass just following the letter of the law, to getting at its foundation: the law written by God within our hearts.

Being a “radical” disciple is the call to always go deeper into who we are and why we act the way we do. Following the Ten Commandments is just the beginning. Our holiness will be reflected in how we live the Beatitudes, in  our ability to love neighbor, particularly the enemy, and in the many ways we are called to forgive others.

How is Lent challenging you to get to the “root” of your loneliness, anger, discontent, a difficult relationship?