Thursday, January 11, 2024

From Fr. Frank

Jesus is asked a simple question by the disciples in the gospel, “Where do you stay/live?” If we ask that question, the response we expect would be a street name, a number, a city, that we could plug in our GPS and find our routes mapped out for us to choose. Jesus doesn’t respond to the question with any kind of specific designation or place, but, “Come and see.” He is calling the disciples to place their trust in where and how he wishes to lead.

We live in a culture  where our time is measured, calculated and planned leaving out any room for creativity. Our lives are so busy we have to plan play dates, adult dates, weekends, days off, not allowing for time to be spontaneous or creative to new inspirations. And when we do have time, we sit in front of some screen, binge watching or “surfing.”

Jesus is inviting to a different way of living. While certainty acknowledging the need for scheduling, He is inviting us to, “Come and see” how God wants to guide us, lead us, in ways we can’t  plan. Our imaginations need to be stretched and engaged so life becomes more of an adventure than a series of carefully planned activities. How do you waste time?

Children need time to use their imaginations to create ways of engaging in time away from screens and computers that dull their imaginations. There are so many  possibilities of a child creating new games, trying out new interests, planning activities from their own wits and imaginations. “Come and see…”

We adults are called by our God to remain childLIKE, not childISH, a huge difference. Being “childlike” means being vulnerable with God, surrendering to God’s plan for us, trusting like a child that He will lead us where we are supposed to go. Like children, we need to use our imaginations to make room in our relationships, careers and social lives for new life, new ways of interacting, developing different interests.

The life of a disciple is to be a life that is consistently pushing the horizons back, never static but always dynamic, open to the transformation and expansion of the heart. Be adventuresome!!!
“Come and see…”