Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Sometimes facing the truth about ourselves, our relationships, our church is a painful and uncomfortable experience. When the truth involves facing rejection for acknowledging the truth, the stakes are very steep. The abuse crisis plaguing our church is one example of facing the ugly truth about a reality that has been going on for decades, if not centuries. Placing the church and those of us who lead on a pedestal is very dangerous for it will only lead to disillusionment and feelings of betrayal.

Sometimes marriages and friendships must face the reality of a betrayal of trust and promise. This truth can be devastating when you have been in a committed relationship, whatever it’s expression, for years, only to be let down by some form of deceit. When you lose a relationship that has defined your life and inner security for such a long time, your world is shaken to its core.

Sometimes we all have to face very difficult realities about ourselves: past memories that need to be surfaced, an addiction, lying to someone you care about, facing the truth of your sexuality, and acknowledging a health problem, physical or psychological. How many of us choose the route of repression and denial, realities that “entomb” us. What an appropriate word as we approach Easter and the EMPTY TOMB: facing the truth means the inner stone is removed and we discover freedom: the freedom to live and breath a new life.

This most likely will mean seeking forgiveness, accepting the sorrow of someone’s betrayal, getting through the rejection. Yes, Jesus says most clearly to the people in the gospel for today, that the “truth” will bring freedom. Jesus is ultimately speaking about the truth of HIS identity, for Jesus is the away the TRUTH and the life. When he becomes our own truth, Jesus will help us face our own individual truths, no matter how painful. Christ, our savior, is the ONLY reality and Person who will never betray or deny us, something he certainly experienced in his Passion. Jesus will never stop loving you as you face these painful truths.

And this is the absolute TRUTH.

Fr. Frank