Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday in the Octave Easter

I’m finally learning how to do Zoom, a great tool to connect in a visual manner. The reality of seeing people face to face is amazing and a bit intimidating, given how we sometimes look and dress in the comfort of our homes. But it’s both fun and interesting to communicate in a new way.

Both scripture readings in today’s Mass are pushing out of our comfort zones to find new ways to evangelize. Jesus sends the disciples out to proclaim the Good News. Peter and the apostles are told by some of the religious leaders to “put a lid on it,” meaning, “Shut up... stop talking about this Jesus person.” They made it clear in the person of Peter that they just couldn’t keep quiet. We are no different in that we just can’t NOT let the Word out. The Truth must be expressed...

We are called to get the joyful news out in our own day in ways that people can actually receive. Given all the restrictions, we have had to find new ways of talking with each other: having meetings, doing visual conference calls, sending emails AND spreading the gospel and our love of Christ. We have to get the Word out!!!!

Zoom is just one tool and our creativity will create new ones.

Engaging in tools of Technology is not a strength for many of us because we weren’t raised with them and have been able to ward them off, Until now, if we want to be a part of the world in which we live. Jesus is sending us into our own worlds TODAY and we must learn to equip ourselves with the tools to spread the gospel and the faith. We can’t “put a lid on it” by being boring, uncreative and routine.

As parish communities, we have to find new ways of being a parish, which will involve using new methods of technology to do so. Easter is the season of new birth and new life. Through a horrible experience of this pandemic virus, we are learning new ways of strengthening our community and we all have a part to play. When the restrictions are gradually removed, hopefully very soon, let’s keep moving forward in the learning of new ways to communicate the gospel and our catholic faith. As Pentecost approaches, may we be prepared to let the fire of the Holy Spirit ignite our mission in new and creative ways, showing the world around us that we are not dull, nor are we complacent.

Fr. Frank