Friday, October 02, 2020

Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

The word “angel” means “messenger.” Those spiritual beings scripture calls “Angels” all have a message for us. That is the purpose of an angel, to convey a message from God, who created these beings as pure spirits with no bodies. If they are given the name angel, they have a message.

We live in a time that laughs at the belief in angels, a huge mistake, given their importance and presence throughout scripture and in the life of Christ. These angels ministered to him after the temptations in the dessert; he speaks of their presence at various times in his ministry. To denigrate their existence only deprives ourselves of being uplifted by their message and presence. Just to be aware of their presence in our lives can bring comfort and ease loneliness. We are never alone.

Angels can bring their message to us through the words of a casual stranger saying something to us while waiting in line. Maybe it’s words of wisdom coming from a person you wouldn’t expect. I was just speaking with a woman from Ghana, a total stranger, who spoke about a white man she encountered who lived in Ghana for ten years teaching at the university. He knew the language and culture which totally surprised her. The message to her was how connected we are and united in so many ways.

Oftentimes I get a call out of the blue from someone I haven’t heard from in ages. They may be calling in search of comfort given some loss in their lives. Or they may be calling in joy to announce a marriage or pregnancy. The angels inspire US to be the instruments of a message from God to individuals who need to hear some message for a particular reason.

Our Tradition teaches that we are surrounded by these delightful creatures called angels and that God has given to each and every human being their own angel who never leaves them. Instead of mocking this teaching, be humble enough to embrace it in ways that speak to your mind and heart. Jesus says in so many places, unless you become like a child, you shall not enter the Kingdom.

Sense your own unique angel, hovering over you, leading you right into that Kingdom.

Fr. Frank