Friday, December 18, 2020

Friday of the Third Week of Advent

I’m growing closer and closer to St. Joseph, the one dreamed and given messages in those dreams about God’s Plan for our salvation. He listened to those dreams that surfaced from deep within him during the darkness of sleep. These dreams were both confirming and challenging. He would continue to love Mary, who herself was following this Plan, even though he was not the father of this unborn child. A lot to stomach, but he did.

Pope Francis has declared a year of St. Joseph, which will honor his “part of the Plan.” Joseph is the embodiment of quiet submission and surrender to God; he beautifully makes REAL humility, that virtue of selflessness and diminished ego. Our role in life is much like Joseph’s: know God’s will, accept and follow, without being noticed. Most of us live in the shadows of this Mystery of salvation. Very few will ever know about our witness and love. So be it.

Our world is in desperate need of humble people, those,like Joseph, who are content with donating, volunteering, organizing with little or no recognition. We need more people who are less certain of their holiness or righteousness, which means they stop pointing fingers of judgement at others who don’t measure up to their standards. We are all in this together, stumbling through, following those dreams that surface in surprising ways, not only when we sleep but in moments when we are wide awake. God works as God works. Joseph knew this oh so well. May we do the same.

Fr. Frank.