Thursday, January 28, 2021

Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Priest and Doctor of the Church

In walking the streets of the city, one is guaranteed to come upon a person begging for food or some money, selling Streetwise, or simply wandering aimlessly, unbalanced in unknown ways. These human beings are like shining lights, lamps, for all to see. But do we “see” them?

Jesus says to us that we don’t light a lamp, to try to hide and its light under a basket. No, we place it on a lampstand for all to see. The poor in our streets are living “lamps” who shine with the light of Christ. God wants us to SEE them and reflect, decide and try to respond. I have to admit the times I cover these human torches of divine light with my indifference, my excuses. Worse yet, in not even seeing these human beings in my path.

We “cover” these “lights” through apathy or making excuses as to why we can’t help or reach out. Christ’s light shines in unexpected and hidden places, including the inner depths of our hearts. Perhaps we even try and cover over this inner “light” because we just don’t give God the time or we don’t feel worthy of this light, WE hide.

The end of the gospel are words that should penetrate our hardened hearts, opening them up to the “light” of Christ, both within and without: “The measure you measure with will be measured right back to you.”

How will you “measure out” Lent?

Fr. Frank.