Thursday, February 18, 2021

Thursday after Ash Wednesday

Everyday we are faced with choices, most are pretty mundane: what clothes to wear, what to eat for breakfast/lunch, how to get to work, where I want to park, what I’m going to read, and so forth. But some choices are much more significant, because they indicate what kind of characters we have: how to respond to criticism, with whom I am going to eat, how do I respond to a homeless person in my path, when will I go to church in person, to wear or not to wear the mask, how I drive the car and respond to other drivers who annoy, who I vote for, how I spend money, will a choose to forgive....
Today, we are being challenged by the readings in this first day after Ash Wednesday to realize the meaning of the choices we make: you either choose death or choose life; you choose to follow God’s commandments or not; you choose to deny yourself and accept the Cross(es) in life or you choose comfort; you either let go of anger or let it stew within you; you are faithful in your relationships or you lie/cheat; you give God 15 minutes everyday of prayer or you don’t bother. This list is endless.... choices... choices.... choices....
What we choose, how we choose, are we even AWARE of our choices speak to the kind of person we are. Lent us the time, NOW is the time, to awaken to how we are choosing. Just making the choice to see how we are choosing and what we are choosing may very well determine our salvation. I think the stakes are very high.
Fr. Frank