Monday, March 01, 2021

Monday of the Second Week in Lent

The greatest gift God gives to us is MERCY and Jesus tells us to be just as merciful to others, all others, as the Father is to us. He goes on further to say the words that strike us to the core: the measure you measure with will come right back to you. If one exhibits bitterness, bitterness will be given back to that person. If one is generous in how they live their life, generosity returns to them in one form or another. The thing about God is that he doesn’t seem to be a God who “measures” mercy and compassion. God gives lavishly, without counting, measuring, the cost, an attitude that brought Jesus face to face with the Cross. God IS compassionate mercy that knows no bounds.

Being a person of mercy is a demanding life of compassion, letting go of the need to return a hurt for a hurt given to you. We can only do this when we are able see clearly the presence of God in the person who causes us pain. This way of living is a beautiful gift of grace that is the foundation of reconciliation.
Jesus is calling each one of us who claims to be His followers to be just as merciful as the Father is merciful. If Jesus says that we must become merciful, he must also give us the means to do so: Grace. The ability to become mercy is within our reach, if only we “tap into” the hidden reservoir of Grace running deeply within our hearts. If we don’t let the grace of mercy flow freely within, our hearts become hardened.

May this Lent release the floodwaters of mercy into our hearts. Mercy flowing out of our hearts into other’s hearts, will come right back into our hearts.

Fr. Frank