Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

The man in the gospel lived with an incapacitating illness for 38 years!!!! I’d say that’s a long time to be suffering with little or no relief, until he encounters Jesus near the healing waters of Bethesda. For whatever reason, the man has been physically unable to immerse himself in these waters because someone else keeps cutting in front of him. When Jesus aporischrf the man, he didn’t even ask that Jesus healed him, he just explained why he was never able to go find into the waters.

Jesus, on his own initiative, tells the man, “Rise and pick up your mat,” which he does, fully healed and able to walk. But, it was a Sabbath which prohibited any healing or labor. It seems that Jesus didn’t feel constrained by legal prescriptions of the law and didn’t think this man should wait even one extra day!!!! After all, 38 years is enough!!!! NOW us the time of salvation for YOU!!!! NOW!! Not tomorrow....

This beautiful story of healing reminds us to NEVER give up hope on prayer. God is in the wait, God is in the perseverance, God is in the hood, God is in the healing, whatever form it takes. In God’s time, all will be well. To quite our beloved St. Teresa, “Let nothing disturb you...all things pass away... God, alone is unchanging... God ALONE suffices.

Happy St. Patrick’s Eve!!! Made soda bread last night. It actually was good!!!

Fr. Frank