Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tuesday of Holy Week

The gospel tells the story of the betrayal of Judas, a much maligned figure in the gospel, probably the most despised. I’ve always felt Judas got a bum rap!!! So much disgust has been poured on this unfortunate disciple of Jesus, who said it would have been better if he had never been born! Strong words that cause me much anguish.

Even worse is when Jesus says that the betrayal of Judas happened to fulfill scriptures, meaning he was destined to betray Jesus from birth. I just have many problems with this statement, perhaps translation is an issue, I hope. How can a loving God create someone whose destiny is betrayal, a part of the “plan?” The story of Judas as it appears in the gospel is a thorn in my faith.

I believe we are ALL redeemable. ALL!!! And I believe we don’t have the whole story of Judas, since no one, but God, could “know” his heart. Perhaps Judas prayed the most beautiful act of sorrow as he hung on that tree in suicide. I believe in my depths that Judas was filled with remorse.

A modern portrait of Judas, deeply poignant, portrays Judas hanging with the coins he revived from the betrayal on the ground beneath him... slowly becoming flowers. Planted in the soil of Christ’s Passion and Death we can all bloom into a new life, emerging and flowering from mercy. May all of us sinners be drenched with the water of Christ’s mercy, riding on Easter to new purposes.

Fr. Frank