Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday of the Third Week of Easter

The water in the rectory stopped working!!!! All of a sudden, it just stopped running, except for a trickle. It appears our sprinkling system is the culprit, since the main pipe broke, syphoning the water into the parking lot.

Well, you’d think the world came to an end. Yes, it created a difficult situation in showering , flushing and washing, but hardly a crisis since it can and will be repaired. It actually is already working.

There is something that does speak to the gospel, however, when the “water” stops flowing. Everyday life came to a temporary standstill. Just think about what happens when the “waters” of the Spirit stop flowing in our hearts and minds? We “dry up” spiritually and slowly become lifeless and indifferent.

We are approaching the Feast of Pentecost, celebrating the flowing waters of the Spirit in the church.... and in our lives. Our baptism was in water and infused us with the constant flowing waters of the Holy Spirit. But we can “clog” our inner plumbing through indifference and self absorption.

Let those Fresh Waters flow NOW, right NOW, in your heart. Don’t wait for Pentecost!!! The waters of the Spirit will free you this very day, this very moment you are reading this. Let it happen!!!

Fr. Frank