Monday, May 03, 2021

Feast of Saints Philip and James, Apostles

Jesus is so amazing and humble!!! He says clearly and directly that each one of us can do the works that He does, AND EVEN GREATER ONES THAN THESE!!! We can do what Jesus does... and much more!!! These words of Jesus show His deep trust in us/YOU, meaning we have the same power that filled Jesus to keep the Mission alive and strong.

But there is one caveat, there always is: that we do NOTHING on our own, but ONLY through Him, just as He did nothing on His own but only what the Father willed. Jesus abides within us and in our hearts. When we allow this indwelling to be realized, and let the energy and Love flow freely from Christ within to the Father, we can “move mountains” and change the world.

We are called to be “divinised,” made like God through our connection to Christ who always brings us to the Father. We can’t do it alone!! We must become LIKE children, infants, and realize we are nothing without God, and EVERYTHING that we have and that we are we have RECEIVED. When we totally surrender our lives, our wills, our minds and our hearts to Christ and the Father, the Holy Spirit fills us, inebriates us, transforms the world THROUGH us!!!!

Fr. Frank