Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

What does the future hold? None of us can honestly answer that question because we simply do not know. The future is this wide, vast unreachable reality that we wish we could control. We can’t, which is the ultimate human dilemma.

But we CAN do something and that is living in the NOW, the present moment, the only way we can experience God. Even when we reflect and ponder our memories, we are bringing these reflections into the present moment. Jesús teaches so beautifully in today’s gospel that the Spirit of truth will guide us into the future, whatever it holds.

Clearly, the older we get the more the reality of death becomes more apparent, if we are not afraid to embrace this ultimate reality. We have nothing to fear because Christ promised He would carry us over the threshold of death into a new life. Death isn’t a final stamp on our lives but a moment on the journey, a pause if you will. We experience death but are NOT dead!!!! We are ALIVE... our lives continue in a way we can’t even imagine but it will be good!!

Let’s surrender our future into living life now, in the present, letting Christ lead us into the future, through its many joys and its many sufferings. Let us TRUST that He will lead us into an eternal Easter LIFE!!!!

Fr. Frank.