Saturday, June 12, 2021

Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

What does it mean to have one's heart “pierced?”

What immediately comes to mind is a parent discovering their child has an illness that will cause much suffering. That parent’s heart is truly “pierced” when looking at their child in absolute love.

One’s heart is “pierced” when a trusted friend or a spouse betrays a deep trust.
One’s heart is “pierced” upon learning that a job so needed to make ends meet has been terminated.
One’s heart is “pierced” in any way that causes shock, extreme sadness, betrayal or loss.

Today’s Feast celebrates Mary’s “pierced” heart, the Mother who lost her Son during a religious pilgrimage, watched Him leave home only to be rejected and despised by many of the leaders of her religion, witnessed a parent’s ultimate tragedy: the horrible death of her Son.

Mary loves YOU, just as you are. Her expansive heart is pierced every time you suffer and her love will surround you, envelop you, heal you as she lifts you UP to her Son.

Fr. Frank