Friday, October 01, 2021

Feast of St Therese of Lisieux

Today is the Feast of Therese, a Carmelite, like her great predecessor, Teresa of Avila, who herself teaches us about finding God in the “little things.” Therese is frequently called the “Little Flower” because she spoke of the heart as a garden with countless virtues taking root as beautiful flowers of grace.

She discovered her vocation to simply be LOVE in the heart of the church. Whoever she encountered... she would be LOVE for that person. Whatever she did, from scrubbing the floor to cleaning to caring for a sick Sister, she did in LOVE. This was her “little way” that has become an inspiration to so many people. Just do everything in LOVE. Be Christ for every person you meet, from those cutting you off on the highway to the one who is a pain in the whatever.

Every act of kindness, every gesture, every smile...let LOVE be experienced. A beautiful vocation for any who so desire.

Fr. Frank