Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Feast of St. Luke

October 17 is the feast of St. Luke, writer of the Gospel and Acts of the Apostles. In the reading today, Jesus sends the disciples put to preach the gospel, preparing the way for Him to follow. And Jesus makes it clear the mission is URGENT!!!

Jesus is sending us, YOU, into the world of workplace, neighborhood, restaurants, stores.... to proclaim the gospel. We don't do so by shouting out verses from Scripture or confronting people with questions about their faith and belief in God. All this does is turn people AWAY from the gospel!! It's also quite weird.

Each one of us has a particular demeanor, a way of communicating and revealing inner dispositions. The manner in which you carry yourself, engage, make eye contact, show an interest, choice of words, can be an unobtrusive gateway into the gospel, perhaps creating an opening for a brief conversation> Even if you say nothing, but your demeanor and presence speak care, gratitude, even joy, that, alone, may create an opening in another person, silently inspiring that person's inner spirit to "rise".

You WILL make a difference in ways known only to God and to the other... trust that God creates the opening through your gentle witness.