Wednesday, November 30, 2022

From Fr. Frank

I read a rather disturbing story yesterday about how the number of those professing faith in Christ in England has dropped to the point in which Christianity is no longer the majority religion. And this from a country that has an established Church connected to Parliament, even if only symbolic. The article stated that the same reality is trending in America. And it is.

Today is the feast of St. Andrew, brother of Peter. It was Andrew who heard Jesus preach and became His follower. At some point soon after,  he went to his brother Peter to share his “good news,” that he encountered the messiah. Without Andrew, Peter might not have ever heard of Jesus. For Christianity to grow,  it demands the witness of ALL the baptized. Christianity flourishes when we witness with our lives the reality and possibility of living and loving as Christ.

It is not magic or effortless, but demands that we, like the apostles, go into the world in which we live and work… and witness to our deep faith in Christ. How am I, how are you, how are we as a faith community going out and giving witness to our love of Christ?
The greatest gift we have begs to be shared.