Saturday, February 25, 2023

From Fr. Frank

Lent is a season of change, a time to look within and let the waters of baptism, the waters of the Spirit flow more freely. Movement. Jesus apprised Levi, Matthew, in the gospel. He walked by Levi, said “Follow me,” and kept living on. Jesus didn’t stop and engage in conversation but kept moving on. Levi responded by “getting up” (“rising?”) and following Jesus. Movement.

Has your relationship with Christ and your understanding of our Catholic faith grown and developed since you left grammar school or high school? Have you allowed yourself mature and deepen in your relationship with Christ? Movement of the Spirit….

When religion becomes stagnant it becomes lifeless. Religion is supposed to be a living force of transformation and deepening conversion. May this Lent “move” us to rise in Spirit, leaving behind immature ways of seeing and experiencing God, expanding our vision of faith.