Tuesday, May 14, 2024

From Fr. Frank

I want to thank all of our parishioners who responded so generously to my appeal for funds dedicated for repairs to roof and a new air conditioner for our church. Nearly $45,000.00 was donated!!!! Amazing. Thanks to our generous donors our financial situation as we near end of fiscal year will be strong.

Our First Communion Mass was an absolute joy! Barb and the catechists did a phenomenal job preparing our children to receive their First Holy Communion. The church was packed with family members, visitors and regular parishioners, creating a memory our children will cherish forever.

                                                                 WEAR RED for PENTECOST!!!

This Sunday, is the Feast of Pentecost, the last day of the Easter Season. The color RED speaks the power of LOVE and the FIRE of the Holy Spirit!!
We desperately need the Spirit in our Church and world to empower us to create a world of unity and justice leading to lasting peace. Religion rooted in the Spirit creates beauty,  even in the midst of challenge and disagreement. Without the Spirit, religion sinks into the abyss of fundamentalism and rigid, lifeless doctrine. The Spirit of Christ creates the energy that “fuels” the Church in proclaiming her teachings and traditions in ways that respect differences of culture, language and ways of living.

The language that unites humanity is the language of  LOVE, a love rooted in the decision to see Christ in ALL people, no strings attached.