Refugee Ministry

This past October, Fr. Frank, pastor of St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church in Chicago, embarked on his third camino to Santiago de Compostela, and walked 500 miles to the cathedral of St. James, the burial place of the apostle of Jesus.

Fr. Frank raised donations through sponsorship of his pilgrimage to support the Refugee Ministry at St. Teresa of Avila, and additional projects related to social justice issues affecting immigrants.

Through the generous support of donors, St. Teresa of Avila began sponsoring a refugee family last year. Through sponsorship, our parish supports a family’s transition to the United States by supplementing rental costs, apartment furnishings and basic expenses while the family members seek employment.  Volunteers in this ministry also act as “mentors” and help in many ways, from tutoring English, to assisting the family with navigating public transportation, to simply being an American friend.  The ministry is also assisting with baby supply drives, and job placement and mentoring. For more information, contact Nhu at

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Nhu Phan