A Letter From Fr. Frank on the environment

Dear St. Teresa of Avila Parishioners,

I would like to start a ministry in our parish that will address the crisis regarding the environment. The beginnings of this permanent ministry would involve forming a committee of parishioners who have a passion and background in how we can respond to protecting our environment. This could entail looking at the materials used in distribution of food, growing parish gardens, use of water and how kitchen items are cleaned, use of energy, connecting with Fair Trade, and many others.

I see the committee being comprised of between 5 and 10 parishioners who will come together and develop a mission statement with a vision that has clear, reachable goals that can be measured. This ministry must become a part of the culture of our entire parish operations if it is to succeed. This will necessitate a change in how we do things and our ability to see the Creation of God as part of our own humanity.

Through the Incarnation of Christ, ALL Creation is blessed and gives glory to God. Our throw away culture, extreme waste of food, obsession with consumption, and the many ways we pollute the water, air and earth are signs that we have severed our connection with beauty of Creation. We have manipulated and misused the environment, causing terrible disparities for the poor around the world, who live in such vulnerable areas and can’t afford to simply pick up and move.

We can’t change the world, nor can we engage in a multitude of endeavors, but must start slowly and take on a few practices that will help us become a part of the solution. I have two interested parishioners and hope for more who are willing and able to commit to this ministry. I’m hoping to start by the Fall with an in-person gathering. Email me at
frfrankjohn56@gmail.com if you are interested .

On the floor of our church is embedded gold medallions depicting an aspect of creation: water, earth, air, fire, animals. Within the architecture of our church is a symbolic connection to all aspects of the environment and Creation. We are walking, literally, on a floor dedicated to Creation and the Canticle  of Creation, St. Francis’ hymn to Brother Sun and Sister Moon.

To God Be the Glory!!!
Fr. Frank