Avila in Action

Stewardship is rooted in the idea that all we have is a gift from God, and with grace we gratefully give back to God from what we have been given. In the same way the Church teaches these principles, the church itself strives to live by them.

St. Teresa of Avila parish has historically given 3% of our collections to charities outside of our walls. However, in 2016, the parish began  Avila in Action,  an initiative to increase our giving and to seek input from the parish on how the funds are distributed. Beginning in 2016, the amount of funds donated under the Avila in Action initiative has increased each year. In 2019, the parish has committed to increase the giving percentage from 6% to 7% of our total weekly collections. As was the case in past years, parishioners may nominate a charity of their choice to receive Avila in Action grant funds.

The Stewardship Committee will review applications during the application window (June 1, 2021 through June 18, 2021). Determination of the year’s grant award recipients and award amounts will take place in October 2021. Following any necessary research and follow up, distributions are made in October 2021.

The application window for 2021 will be open until June 18th.

2019 Avila in Action Grant Winners

2018 Avila in Action Grant Winners

2017 Avila in Action Grant Winners

2016 Avila in Action Grant Winners

Avila in Action Guidelines and Criteria